Global Analysis

Quick question: Is it possible to make the Global Analysis display the data after the master section has affected the audio?


I’m not sure I understand the question.
The Global Analysis works on the current samples, whether they were processed or not.

Thanks. Sorry if I’m being confusing.

For instance, I was wondering if the Global Audio Analysis displays the average loudness of the file the same as when it was imported even if a compressor is present in the master section. Or if you adjust the faders in the master, would that change the peaks? In other words, do the effects/meter changes influence the data in the Global Analysis window? That’s not exactly processing is it?

Global analysis takes only the wave samples as they are into account, I think is what PG means, without anything that’s in the master section. If you want the analysis on the resulting file after rendering, you actually need to render.

It’s a good idea I think - less clicking and undoing! Just a tickbox or so in the analysis panel. PG?

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping there was a Wavelab equivalent to freezing.

It could be either a preference, or as you said a tickbox on the window. Wouldn’t that be nice! :slight_smile:

As Arjan states, the Global analysis is not affected by the Master Section fader and plugins. Only when the audio is rendered to file.