Global Auto Grouping

Track and Global Auto Grouping is one of my most used functions since I started using Wavelab 3, many years ago.

I just updated to Wavelab 9 Pro and it looks like the function has changed.

In previous versions Global Auto Grouping would select all clips on all tracks “Right of cursor”

In wavelab 9 pro, Global Auto Grouping now selects all “Overlapping” clips on all tracks.

Can this be changed ? Is there another way of selecting all clips on all tracks right of cursor ?

I am totally dependent on this funcion, as it has been working since wavelab 3.

Use Ripple instead of Auto-Grouping. The two ripple options (track and global - all clips to the right), and the two auto-grouping options (track and global - all overlapping or adjacent clips) are equivalent to the old four button options in Wavelab 8. It’s just the name has changed to Ripple for what you want to do.

I was also going to suggest looking at the Ripple options, which works great for moving the clips.

I guess the main question is what do you need to do after selecting the clips, move them or something else?

In WaveLab 9, there have been a fix related to Global Ripple, not Global Auto Grouping.
I can’t find something wrong currently.
If you still think there is a problem, I would need a small movie to illustrate what you mean.
eg. you can use: