global automation

Is it easy to select all automation curves/lines for multiple tracks – even tracks with no automation-- and lower or raise them globally with one drag? I only want to do it for that section of the session. I don’t want to affect the entire session.

No, not really I don’t think. What I do to adjust multiple tracks is rubber band each automation lane with the Shift key down (to add to my firs selection). Then using the Status Line you can click and drag the mouse up and down to adjust all selected automation points up/down. You can’t just rubber band everything unless there’s nothing but automation there otherwise the Info Line will show info for an event rather than an automation handle.

So, this is the only way I know to adjust multiple tracks… Maybe someone knows a better way??

Could certainly do with Steinberg’s attention there. Particularly as you when you select multiple automation lanes it gives you a nice shaded boxes with useful handles on each lane - but the scaling handles only works on one lane at once - doh!