Global bar count error?


I encountered a possible bug when using the “Use global bar count” feature in a polymetric/aleatoric context, namely, in the score, the bar numbering is correct, shown exactly as it is expected, but in the part it is wrong, as if the “Use local bar count” option would be active… I prepared a test file to show this (the oboe is the relevant part):

Global Bar Number.dorico (585.1 KB)

Am I missing something?
Thank you!

This is a limitation at the moment: Dorico doesn’t currently have access to the set of bar divisions from the full score layout. It’s something we plan to improve.

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OMG… Will this be an easy fix? Should I hope/expect for this to be fixed in a next maintenance update or is this rather something for the long-term future? I ask because I need to finish a score asap and the related parts may wait a little bit. In case this problem will not be addressed soon, I need to find an alternative solution, but I’m hopeful there is a way and I’ll search for it!

Thank you very much!


I’m not sure if that is the solution but you could try the following (at your own risk since is not officially supported).
In setup mode select the oboe layout und add the horn (f) player to the layout, you will have then a layout named oboe and horn (f),
In the layout you will see now the global bar numbers (and of course the horn player too).
In engrave mode add a frame brake at the beggining of the work.
Rigth click the Frame brake signpost and select staff>manual staff visibility, activate the options for the horn and select hide, click ok, you’ll see now just the oboe staff with the global bar numbers.
If the result is what you want you may want to rename the layout to just “oboe”.


Interesting workaround, I’ll try it! Thanks!

Abandon bar numbers and rely on Rehearsal Marks?

Until you have to say, “Ah, seven–no that’s 12 if you play oboe–after letter C; and if you are in the Horn section…” :rofl:

:+1: I do already use Rehearsal marks but a valid alternative! Thanks!

OMG! :rofl: I can easily imagine this scenario! I do happen to, sometimes, play in ensembles using different editions with different rehearsal marks…


This has not been yet resolved, right? It’s biting me now, too. I don’t know if I can leave out bar numbers, as I fear it would take too much rehearsal time…

This works for me. Locking the Layout before might be a useful advice.

This works — except there seems to be a bug where “Ranges of Bar Numbers below Multi-Rests” are always calculated using a local count, regardless of setting or whether any “global” instruments are present in the layout.