Global Change to Frame Headings

Apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere - I did search first but could not find anything :confused:

Working with the Engrave tab - I would like to change a frame (page?) heading after the initial frame - for example I would like to have a two line heading with the player name and flow name on the first line and then the composer on the second line (right justified). I can do this for an indivudal frame - but I could not find a way to apply that globally for all frames in the score.

Am I overlooking something obvious? Thanks

You must modify the master pages, not the individual pages. Each individual page is built upon the master page model it refers to (first page or default page, for instance).
You seem to want to modify the first page masterpages (modify left AND right, because you never know on which side your page will be).
All that follows is done in Engrave mode.
To modify an existing masterpage, you must double click on it (in the bottom right panel) or create a new set (+ button).
You can create new text frames, apply the right tokens in it with the appropriate justifications (and use the function copy page layout in order to have both left and right masterpages filled).
Once it is done, you assign the masterpages by right clicking on the page you want to change, in the upper right panel, and choose “Insert Master page change”. There, you have a window that opens, you choose “only for this page”, and that’s it.
Hope it helps !

Thanks - I’ll give it a shot