Global "Cleanup" function removed and other since 9.5 !

Helllo dear Steinberg team,

please stop removing old functions for new features !!!

!!! Please !!!

  1. “Cleanup” in “File” menu disappeared since 9.5
  • this global file cleanup is an essential feature for me and was available since 9.0.x !
  • now in 9.5.20 it was removed.

Please put it back where it was ?!?!

  1. STRG+Click to the Metronome symbol in old floating transport panel opened the metronome settings.
  • also not possible anymore in 9.5 !
  • there are still people using the floating transport panel for some good reason…

Please put it back…

  1. No full colour space for the mixer knobs anymore thanks to the colour scheme
    I used to colour my mixer knobs in vivid colours to easily differ them by their colour.
  • still possible, but in a very narrow range
  • not usable anymore due to the narrow colour range, defined bxy the narrow colour space of the new appearance presets

Please let us customers decide how vivid or grey we want to see our areas in Cubase!

  1. Search function in Plugin manager
  • Searching for company name of plugins don’t show all available plugins!
  • Try searching e.g. for “Steinberg” and then check the reality!

Please have a look to it.

Thank you.