Global copy & paste

does anyone know how to ghet global copy & paste to work correctly ? I want to make a global copy of 16 bars (ie EVERY track) and paste the whole lot 8 bars further on, so inserting these 16 bars and shifting the existing bars along. I cant get it to work properly. I set the range (81 - 97)
The go to Edit → range → global copy

I then sel my locators to the position I want to insert these 16 bars (105) I set the range to 16 bars then
Edit → paste

It inserts the 16 bars but also so doesnt shift the other bars along
Ive also tried ‘Paste Time’ & ‘Paste time at orign’ just doest work


Paste function doesn’t add any bars.

Once you select the bars, where you want to insert the time, use the Edit > Range > Insert Silence. This will create the empty space. Then you can Paste.

Hi Mark.
My suggestion:

  • Set up your locators for 16 Bars exactly where you want the additional 16 Bars
  • press Shift+Cmd+e now there should appear 16 additional bars
  • copy the rest with copy/paste or cmd+d
    Hope that works for you! Cheers

That partially worked but it doesnt seem to copy any of the automation tracks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi, it will all be copied.

You have disabled “Automation follows events”. There is also an icon for this in the Toolbar. If disabled moving or copying events prevents automation to be moved or copied, because there are cases you don’t want this to happen.

which toolbar ? what does the icon look like ?

“Automation Mode” in the upper Toolbar…
You can alternatively activate/deactivate it in the “Edit” menu by checking “Automation follows events”


This is the default Key Command for the Edit > Range > Insert Silence function, I mentioned. :wink:

This is the Duplicate function. You have t be sure, the end of the last event is exactly at the Bar end, to make sure, the duplicate will start exactly at the bar start.

Btw, you could even make a Macro out of the steps. :wink:


Edit menu > Automation Follows Events.

Or see attached screenshot (the white icon).

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 20.52.29

It was actually activated


Do you mean an automation of Audio tracks or Group/FX/VCA tracks?

Use Global Copy

then Paste Time