Global custom chord symbols


I used to create lead sheets (chords and solos, melody) for several Bands (4,5 people) and now I create lead sheets to register/deposit my songs at Buma/Stemra (Netherlands copyright).

I use a custom chord symbol to identify a (half) quartal chord. (‘quartal chord’ = C-F-Bb-Eb and ‘half quartal chord’ = C-F-Bb)
for a ‘half quartal chord’ I use a ‘slashed square’ graphic or I write down a strikethrough ‘qrt’
and for a ‘quartal chord’ I use a ‘square’ graphic or I just write ‘qrt’.

the half quartal chord I use most of the time when i write down polychords
e.g. Dm7/E half quartal

I have 1 questions;

  1. When I create a custom chord and set it to be a global chord for the project, it doesn’t change for poly chord, I have to each time adjust the polychord and that can be alot of times within the lead sheet.
    How do I set the custom chord so that it also shows on poly chords?

    Thank you,…
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Unfortunately it’s a present limitation that you cannot practically set project-default chord symbols for polychords. We’ll think about how we might be able to address this in a future version.

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Looking forward to it;)

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