Global display zoom - Cubase 9

Hi everyone !
I just switched from Ableton Live to Cubase 9, and i’m really enjoying it !
There is only one thing that I didn’t figure out yet : I’m displaying my mac pro on a big TV in my studio. So I’m searching for a way to display my cubase window with a smaller “zoom”, in order to have everything smaller (not only the tracks zoom) in order to enjoy way more space to work (since in the default display, almost half of the screen space is used by the cubase architecture), as I do it in ableton live, where my “zoom display” option is set up at 74%.

I watched a lot of cubase tutorials before switching, and I saw a lot of people with a smaller zoom display, so I’m assuming that it’s possible somewhere…

Thanks a lot for your help guys !


Hi and welcome,

You cannot change this parameter. For example the Inspector width is fixed. You can change the track list width. You can change MediaBay Rack width but only in limited range.

In general, if you have higher screen resolution, you will get more of the “working” area in Cubase.

It’s a great feature in Ableton for when I am working on my laptop without a larger/seperate monitor.

Probably not high on the priorities for a lot of people but I would definitely appreciate it