Global FX toggle in CP8?

Hi, Is there a way to toggle all FX on/off at once (similar to the function of the mute/solo state buttons)?


Do you mean to switch Off all Sends? Or Mute all FX Channels? Or Bypass all Insert FX of all tracks?

I could imagine a Logical Editor Preset for some of them.

Hi Martin,

Those are all good suggestions, but I was thinking about the last one: bypass all insert FX on all tracks.

The reason I want to do this is to periodically assess how far I’ve strayed from the raw mix (no FX) to determine if I’m going in the right direction. What I’m describing is A/B-ing FX vs. no-FX.



You can do this:

  • Open MixConsole
  • Select All (Ctrl/Cmd+A)
  • Hold down Alt+Shift modifiers to enable Q-Link
  • Click to any Insert Bypass (directly on the Inserts tab)

=> All Inserts are bypassed. The same process is to enable them back.

In mixconsole you can bypass all inserts without linking channels. There are buttons to bypass all inserts, eq, channel strips and sends. Same like for global solo, mute. They may not be displayed by default, depending on your setup.

Oh yes, you are right!

Hold down the Alt modifier and click to the I button in the MixConsole to Bypass or disable Bypass of all Inserts. E is to Bypass all EQs, CS is to Bypass all ChannelStrips and S is to Bypass all Sends.

This is exactly what I had in mind – thanks!