Global FX Toggle

Would be nice to see a global FX toggle to turn on or off all fx , to free things up on the iPad processor, when using IAA, and Audibus to record as the project builds, even placing the Studio EQ on 7-8 tracks can start the audio popping with only one un-froze midi track running, if I manually turn off the effects for each channel IAA and Audiobus behave just fine

Hi harlisroad,

Thanks for your message and proposal.

Depending on the iPad model, number of tracks, external/internal instruments (keep in mind that some demand more power than others) and effects in use it is always possible to max out the CPU, as it is the case with every other app.

I suggest to make use of the freeze function to unstress the CPU in that case.

Please have a look at the “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” option in the setup also which allows to keep or delete freezed tracks after unfreezing them.