Global key commands...Help!!!

I never really used key commands before…but these items I cannot seem to find. On Pro Tools they’re there.

  1. Global input monitor. Ctrl+Mouse click on input monitor on PT puts all input monitors on the tracks on.
  2. Global Record. Ctrl+mouse click on record track puts all tracks in record mode.
  3. Mute…ditto

My dad’s asking as he is a PT HD guy but sick of the avid money scam. These three things he uses all the time. I don’t know where they are and simple global functions should be even in cubase artist.

Hmm, I don’t think there are global commands for any of these…

Meantime, you can select multiple tracks and adjust these things for the tracks by Ctrl-Shift-LeftClicking.

Or, in the mixer, you could turn on QLink, select multiple tracks and then simply LeftClicking will do all selected tracks (QLink also links many other things, e.g. changing EQ, adding/editing effects etc).

Or you can create a Project Logical Editor script to do all tracks (beyond my ability to type off the cuff!) and then assign this to a shortcut key for quick access.


There are no these KeyCommands. I’m using my own Logical Editor presets for this Kind of tasks.

Look in Key commands, Mixer, Activate record enable for all audio tracks, assign a letter and there you go. Not sure about muting.

Yes, you are right. There is this Global KeyCommand. But this is for Audio tracks only. And there is no Monitor, Solo, Mute.