global key commands

Hi all, I tried looking up past threads about this, but they all pertain to some update of that specific version, not to my version.
I have the Dorico 3.0, and for some reason, my customized key commands do not carry over to different projects. I have to re-customize each key command I have (which is a lot!)

Wondering, how does one propagate the keycommands? Thanks!

Are you talking about keycommands that you’ve set via Preferences > Key Commands? These aren’t typically project specific.

Have you been using scripting or the application log to map very specific commands for e.g. microtonal accidentals, or specific custom notehead sets, or to apply settings within one of the options dialogs? These sorts of commands can end up being project specific because they relate to internal IDs that sometimes vary between projects…

No, I end up having to redo my custom key commands for the simplest things, such as note values, voice numbers… these should be global right? For some reason it is not. I have to redo them every time I start a new project.

Thanks in advance!

These should definitely be global. Do you switch between keyboards or keyboard layouts/languages? It might be that you have your Dorico Key Commands dialog set to “Default” language. If you’re using multiple keyboard languages you should pick a language (in the aforementioned Dorico dialog) that most closely follows the layout of your physical keyboard.

Hi everyone! Is there a way to give key command to tuplets (triplets only) so that I don’t have to type 3:2 every single time?

No. You can just type 3, Enter, which is a little faster.

Or you can use a macro, which isn’t a Dorico thing per se.

There is a way of doing it, but it requires some hand-hacking of your keyboard shortcuts file, e.g. see here.