Global Key Signature

Hi all,

I am not sure if this ahs been discussed before but I was wondering if it is possible to set the Key Signature of a project globally os that all notes in the Key Editor are shown correctly?

I mean, if I am in Cm key, I don’t want to see D# or G# in the piano roll.


well you can set the key of the project so tracks follow it but as the chords move in a progression it will b displayed on info line not on the root key.
if i’m missing can u elaborate, scren shot

Try the Transpose Track. Activate “Indicate transpositions” to make sure it’s gonna transpose like you want.

Hey Rita thanks for the reply.

How do I set the key signature for the whole project?
I mean, if I am in Cm, I don’t want to see G# and D# in the key editor.

Hope it is clearer now.


I assume you mean you want to see the notes shown as flats and not sharps. Unfortunately you can’t, it only shows sharps. It’s often been requested to let us specify whether sharps or flats are used. But so far nothing, which seems surprising since I can’t imagine it being difficult to implement in addition to being musically correct.

or, you do not actually want to see any of the notes outside of the diatonic range of your key in the piano roll (kind of like flattening the piano roll in ableton)?
that is not possible.

Thanks for the replies.

Whay I meant was:

1 How do you set the key sig for the whole project?
2. Like in my case, if I am in Cm, I’d love to see Ab and Eb and not G# and D# like in the pic:


chk d manual, go to pg 161 to 165, u should get ur query answered in detail and know a lot more about it.

like in the pic u send - it dosent talk bout it the manual so i think it cant b done

but u can set root key, in d project window before the snap to zero crossing u have root key, or as one member said u can u use transpose track for d purpose.
root key.PNG

Hey Rita, sorry but I don’t know what are you referring to…
The Root Key is for transposing tasks…which is not what I was after.

My first part of the question was more like: “Can you have Cubase thinking in the right key”?
This is possible on Logic

About the MIDI Key Editor it is clear now to me that this is not possible. What a pity.

The only place that Cubase will show the black keys as flats is in the Score Editor. Everywhere else it shows the notes on black keys as sharps even if they are properly flats. So the sharp keys display properly in the Key Editor but the flat keys do not. This is a problem that should have been fixed long ago.

However if you use the chord track you can set a scale/key there. I recommend deselecting “Automatic Scales” in the inspector of the chord track as it just inserts lots of extraneous scales if you use any chords with a note in them that is not a note in your intended scale. Once you have a scale and some chords set on the Chord Track, if you are in the Key Editor you can color code the notes based on the scale. Use the Event Colors drop-down menu (the one with 4 small colored squares) to select Chord Track. Now the notes will be color coded by A) In both the chord and scale, B) In the scale but not the chord, C) In the chord but not the scale, and D) Not in the scale or the chord.

While this is not a substitute for having notes properly show up as flats, it is useful.

And if you think that having the ability to display flats is worthwhile, go give this thread a +1