Global layer order options

How do you control this order function?

Hi @Pieffe,

the “Global Order” needs to be active. The order can be “LAYER”, “GLOBAL LAYER”, …

Let’s add another Layer with “USM”.

Now we need a global LAYER with Padshop and we need a Global Stack.

Let’s colorise the global channels.

It’s now possible to move the “GLOBAL LAYER” and the “GLOBAL STACK” channels. Just drag the items to the left to a new position. Let’s move “GLOBAL LAYER” to pos_1 and “GLOBAL STACK” to pos_2 and the SONG to pos_3

I hope that helps and it is a bit more understandable now?

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Thanks for the tutorial

Maybe a stupid question but how do you colorize the global channels? :slight_smile:

… no problem, @Pieffe. Let’s say we have a Layer and its MIDI Input is “MIDI IN 2”.

Open “Menu / Devices / Connections” and choose a color for “MIDI IN 2”.

Do the same for a Stack. There, you need to select an Audio Input

And in the Connection you select a color of the Audio Input.

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