Global layers shortcut / midi cc

Is there a way to shortcut/midi cc next and prior global layers? Normal layers are working fine

Should work but doesn’t, will fix.

Fixed next version.

I’m seeing another issue with global layers… when attaching external instruments (synths mainly) as a global layer there is no way to activate the specific pre programmed program change without using the mouse on a couple of windows (pitch, pgm , msb, lsb and similar. I was expecting that at the moment I choose the layer or unmute it a midi cc would be automatically sent to the external instrument and update the preset…Am I overseeing something is this functionality? Thanks

All Program Change and Bank Select are sent whenever you change either of those, so it is only one action.

Why would you expect that? Mute either mutes the audio channel, or, when MIDI controls are activated (orange), prevents MIDI messages from beeing sent.

ok thanks

Thanks for the fix.
Are you guys also considering midi cc’s/shortcuts for the views? Screens Layers/stacks/tracks etc


… can you give us some more hints? You want to use an action to jump to the next/prev tab-view? Let’s say you have configured your Tab-Views to “LAYERS”, “STACKS”, “TRACKS”, “MIXER” and “MODULES”. Currently the TRACKS-view is selected. And you have to new Actions : “Next Tab View” and “Press Tab View”. You hit the action “Prev Tab View” and “LAYERS” would be visible. Something like this?


Exactly Michael… easy way to view (and also edit layers or stacks) of any desired view via a shortcut or a remote midi control during a live performance