Global/Local workflow recommendation

Apologies if this has been hashed out.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to learn the hard way that things like courtesy accidentals don’t automatically show up in parts when you put them in the score. It seems like a no-brainer to set “when starting a new project, set local properties” to Globally, but I also know there are going to be things that I don’t want to propagate to other layouts. So I guess my question is: What do you do?

  1. Do you set ‘set local properties’ to Globally by default?

  2. Do you do the thing I saw one person recommend: global in write mode, local in engrave mode?

  3. If I do set ‘set local properties’ to Globally, why might I regret it? What traps to I do need to look out for? (“If you do set it to Globally, be careful when you’re adjusting X, because you probably only want to change that in the current layout.”)

  4. Similarly, if I set ‘set local properties’ to Globally, are there still features that won’t automatically propagate that might surprise me that I should keep an eye on? (The blog says that in this case ‘changes to properties (where possible) apply to all layouts by default,’ and I’m wondering if any of the “impossible” properties are worth being aware of.)


I normally have it set to Global at least until I’m typesetting. Also, to the best of my ability, I typeset the score first and then the parts. Only when I enter the parts do I switch to Local (well, most of the time).

No matter what your properties are set to, I’m pretty sure respelling accidentals will only affect all layouts if you do it from the Full Score.

Of course I forget about to switch from time to time!

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Indeed, enharmonic spellings auto-propagate from score layouts to part layouts but never the other way around. However, OP talks about courtesy accidentals, which are a visibility override, i.e. a property that can be propagated. And yes, I usually have it set to Globally in Write mode and Locally in Engrave mode, because any manual positioning of objects is also a Property. But I also make frequent use of the keyboard shortcut for Propagate Properties.

My paragraph was related to question #4 in that it won’t change even if Global is selected.

I guess it is sensible too - should changing the pitch of a note even be a property? Is changing the spelling equivalent to changing the pitch?

If this is the case then it should change globally no matter what, if it isn’t the case then it should change everywhere when set to Global but not when set to Local.