"Global" Master Bus to Cue outputs/inserts?

Currently for me, this is a FEATURE and not a bug but I want to understand it.

I recently got some VSX Headphones (like em).
I set them up with a Cue 4 send from the Master Bus with the VSX as an insert on the Send. I have an Apollo interface and Sent Cue 4 Output to Apollo and assigned that straight to my Headphone 2 output and can leave the VSX connected to the Apollo and switch between speakers, VSX and other headphones without having to disable anything. Pretty great.

Then I opened some old projects (I just migrated to a new computer and hard drive and copied them over). The VSX is still in the Master Cue send.
Same happens if I create a new Project.

Is there a setting for this?


Control Room is global (not stored in the project), as it ment to be your studio setup (independent on the projects, which might come with totally different settings from other studios).

The way is to store the Control Room Presets.

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