Global monitoring of inputs within Cubase (UR824)


Is there any way to enable global monitoring of certain inputs with UR824 and Cubase? I have my Axe Fx II connected to inputs 3-4 and I would like these inputs to be heard always when I open Cubase whatever the settings in my project. I would want them to be heard even if no project was open. Now I have to activate the listen mode of the inputs (per song) or enable monitoring on tracks that have these as inputs. Also when I try to achieve this with control room (for example with external devices) I am only able to hear either Cubase or the external devices. I want them to play at the same time.

Basically I want UR824 to operate like my Motu Mk3 interface does. If I activate monitoring on inputs with Motu they will always hear no matter what are the settings in Cubase. I kind of would want to get rid of the “forced integration” between UR824 and Cubase.

p.s. Besides Axe input I would also want to hear my Windows sounds which are routed to inputs 5-6. So if I jump out of Cubase and go to Youtube I would want to hear the sound without tweaking any listen mode or enabling any monitoring settings.

Thank you for any advices.

Hi Birdbrain

I’m pretty certain all you want to do can be done. I have an 824 and when Cubase is open I can still have Soundforge open for wave editing and also hear for instance “youtube” clips if I need to. As far as the monitoring is concerned, the UR remembers it’s last saved setting, from the dsp software. Open that up(with Cubase closed) set it up to what you want, save it, then whenever Cubase is not open it will revert to those settings. Then you could set the Cubase default project to have those same settings so that you would always hear the inputs you want. I think that’ll work.

Best Regards