Global Music/Linear toggle Workaround

Just thought I’d share something i’ve figured out here.

I was searching the forum for some sort of Global toggle button to switch all tracks to Linear Mode or to Musical Mode. I have found that that doesn’t exist… which is a shame… BUT I have found an easy workaround that I didn’t find anyone else posting when I was searching for this.

A lot of times I will start a cue by freely playing, and adding instruments with no click. It isn’t until later that I start forming a click track to it for syncing or recording purposes. If it’s just 1 or 2 tracks it’s no biggie to switch each track… but sometimes it can get big and It’s a task to switch each track. So here’s what I’ve found.

Engage the TimeWarp Tool. This temporarily switching everything to Linear (why there just isn’t a button that does this is beyond me) Put an anchor down somewhere before the music starts. Then go WAY past the cue/song and put another anchor down. THEN you can drag that anchor and adjust to a tempo that you think works for your cue/song!

Once I get the click to be basically where I want it, I go into a Key Editor and do things a bit more precise.

But it’s a quick way to start adjusting tempo! instead of having to switch all tracks to Linear, set a tempo, then switch all tracks back to musical, etc.

Hope this helps someone…