Global Only Properties of Cues affect Source Material

I just noticed this. Not sure if one can call it an issue/bug per se, but to me seems like an oversight of otherwise intended behavior.

After trying to make a cued line of lyrics be above the staff for a cue in an instrumental part, I noticed that changing that property in the cue affected the source material in the score (and all other layouts). After experimenting a bit, I found that any Global Only property when adjusted in a cue can affect the source material of that cue.

The prospect that one can inadvertently (or even purposefully) change the source material of a cue from within the cue itself in a completely different layout strikes me as unusual. I’d suggest Global Only properties shouldn’t be adjustable in cues (the same way I can’t change the pitches or rhythms of a cue). Or, even better, that those properties can be adjusted locally within a cue so that they do not affect the source material anyway.

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This is a tricky one. Dorico doesn’t currently allow properties to have different values when something is shown in a cue versus when it’s not, but because the cued material is rarely shown in the same layout as the source material, it’s typically not an issue in general. However, for properties that can only be set globally, perhaps it is indeed safer for them not to appear when you’re editing the items in a cue in Engrave mode. I’ll keep thinking about it!