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Creating a Global Part and then adding a layer E.g. from external midi keyboard-> vst-plugin (Halion). to the global part. When I send a PC from the external keyboard it doesn’t reach the vst-plugin. When doing the same within a Song-Part the PC is passed to the VST plugin and selects the correct program.


… we’ll analyse it. Thank you for reporting,

… here we go. It works for me and here are my steps to test it.

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. “Menu / Part / Create Global Part” and select it
  3. Load “HAlion Sonic” as Layer Instrument
  4. Open “HALion Sonic” editor and change Program Change to “GM Mode” . Trash all default loaded GM programs in all slots
  5. Select External Keyboard as Layer MIDI Input
  6. Send Program Change from External Keyboard

HS will change the program on Slot 1.

What are you doing?

There is no difference between global and non-global Layers in processing incoming MIDI at all.
Try this:

  • Global Layer, input VM In 3, output VM Out 4
  • Part Layer output to VM Out 3
  • MIDI Monitor input VM In 4
  • in Layer view, enable “Global” to see both Global and Part Layer
  • set PGM CHG in Part Layer, you will see the processed MIDI data
    Part Layer out to VM 3 → Global Layer In VM3 → out VM4 → MIDI Monitor

double support :slight_smile:

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SOrry, not been on for a while. Let me chack out your suggestion. I was pretty sure this is what I was doing. I will retry and report back …/Steve