Global Part usage case ? and some issues with it

im trying the Global part thing , first i have issues when Creating global part all parts are played together , i have to restart Vst Live to reset it, and then again if i go to song 2 for example song 2 part play again no matter if i go to song1 parts, it play together , so basically all sort of issues when having global part created
second, what is the main purpose of global part when used with layers ?

Sorry reg. problems with the Global Part, will be improved with the next version.

Layers of the Global Part are always active, in addition to those of the currently active Part.

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so the idea is to have that global sound layer all the time active and mute it if you dont need it ?

That’s one idea.
Usually you would use it with one or more instruments that you literally always use. For instance, a “bread and butter” Instrument, whose sound you control via Program Change. Try the included Halion Sonic SE, set its options to “GM Mode” and you can change its sound via Layer PGM CHG setting, which is also remote controllable with an Action.

Global Part still has issues with the latest release 1.1.30.
Jeff Hill

… can you please give us some more hints what’s not working? A description is always welcome

  • Start VL, Add Global Part
  • Select Global Part

and now?