Global ripple edit mode

I’m aware of shuffle mode for tracks. How does one enable project wide ripple editing? What I mean is that editing anywhere on a single track will “shuffle edit” the entire project’s tracks in the same way.

I found that if you use range selector and alt+shift select, it will select all tracks. And if you do a delete in shuffle edit mode, this will effectively ripple edit delete.

And if you make a alt+shift selection and do edit > range > insert silence, that will essentially ripple edit time in.

But what I’d like is to have this functionality, but based purely on where I move an event. See example below. Is this doable?

Specific example:
On track one, if I have an event that starts at 00:00:10:00 and I move the event 3 frames to the right, I want EVERY other track to follow suit and from 00:00:10:00, move everything to start at 00:00:10:03. And if that’s in the middle of an event on another track, it should split those overlapping events.

Here’s the latest big thread on it. Add your vote to it!