Global sends to song group still not working

Maybe I am not understanding the fix.

See below for context:

Thanks for any help. As you can see, I send one global stack mixer channel to a song group for vocal effects. I then change the song and the sends because of different vocalists and when I return to the first song, I lose some but not all of the sends. I want to keep global vocal channels and process each for each song with different effects. Dont’ want to use loopback and don’t want to have different vocal parts for each song because I want to have continuity of settings. Any assistance would be great. I’m using last Friday’s most recent build.

I see, you use sends from a global instance.

Actually, sending from a global instance (here: Global Stack Channel) to a local channel (Song Group) is not even supposed to work in the first place, it should not be allowed to select a Song Group Channel as a destination for either the output, or any send of a global Instance channel (Global Part Layers, Stacks, or Modules).
The Send label displays the text that is at the index where the original (latest selected) destination was. So in Song 1 when you select a Send, the list would be a, b, Song Group 1, c, and d. In Song 2, it would be a, b, Song Group 2, c, and d. That is to say that when you select Song 2 after Song 1, it shows “Song Group 2”, but in fact it sends to Song Group 1 (or whatever was the last selected for the global (!) Stack Channel), and that channel is disabled, because it belongs to a different Song.
Complicated, we know, and that’s not your fault, but it poses some dilemma.

Why not allow Globals to send to Virtual Audio and remove sending to Song Groups?

Thanks for responding. I’m gathering this routing wasn’t intended in VST live. I could be wrong, but it occurs to me that most people processing stacks of live audio would prefer to have a global vocal with initial processing they can then send to song specific effects without having to automate the effects from song to song and without limiting the number of plugins that can be used in the effects channel (that’s why I prefer a song group for each song). This doesn’t appear possible.

There is an another potential way to handle it. What about allowing initial “global” processing of an input with plugins before it goes to a song stack? 6 plugin slots would be incredible. Then I can change the EQ for example on a singer and I wouldn’t have to worry about redoing that change in every song in the set. Then I could also use song stacks for the volume levels and other plugins needed for that particular song. Now I’m going to have to use virtual channels which is a convoluted pain in the ***.

When I started using Cubase for live shows 15+ years ago, I tried using vocal channels specific to each song and it was a nightmare because of level differences, etc. Global stacks is the way and I appreciate that you’ve included those here.

Sorry to whine. I think this software is going to be great and it’s exactly what I was hoping Steinberg would do back in 2005.

Do you know if I use the virtual ins and outs to loop back a global stack into a song stack and then send to a song group - will that add samples latency because the signal is looped back?

No latencies added for the simple routing even if with virtualloops cables. Latencies only added if you exit and reenter the audio interface (and by plugins with non zero latency, obviously)


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Using virtual out from global stack and virtual in to song stack maybe it’s a pain to setup initially bit then works flawlessly, and you gain a lot of inserts and sends slots:

4 inserts in global stack (and 2 internal send return in global stack) plus 4 inserts on global stack mixer channel. Then 4 song stack inserts (and 2 internal send return in song stack) plus 4 song stack inserts on mixer song stack channel. Then 4 sends on global stack plus 4 sends on song stack mixer channels. A lot of options!!

Oh, also 4 inserts on the virtual out mixer channel … :sweat_smile: