global setting for Trigger Mode?

Hello -

Enjoying Groove Agent immensely. What a rich instrument. Thanks to the Steinberg developers for this excellent tool.

Perhaps I’m just overlooking a super-obvious interface element, but: I’d like to be able to set a global Trigger Mode for Pattern playback. It’s easy to go into Pattern Edit mode and change the Trigger Mode of individual patterns, but sometimes I’d rather just have a global setting that, for example, all patterns will start on the “Next Measure.”

Yes, I know I can select all pads and manually apply the setting, but then when browsing presets, etc. the setting gets wiped out and I have to redo the setting over and over again. I’d like a global setting that overrides the individual pad settings, so no matter what presets I load up or pads I hit, the Trigger Mode is constant.

Any thoughts?


Any thoughts on this?