Global short flags?

I’m using Sebastian for a project and would like to use short flags throughout.

Is there a way to set this globally? I couldn’t find it. Or do I need to edit flags in Music Symbols?

EDIT: I figured it out… I’ve replaced the 8th flags with short 8th flags. But I can’t find the SMuFL for the short 16th flags!

Would they be on this page, under “Recommended stylistic alternates”? -

Yes, but I can’t figure out how to assign the stylistic alternate to insert the music symbol in the editor. The 16th flag down is E242, but the short flag is E242.ss02.

Is this it?

That’s the default, but I want to replace it with “Combining short flag 2 (16th).”

It might be further down the list on the left.

Yes, but the point is that I don’t know how to force Dorico to actually use that glyph!

I’m afraid I don’t know that either.
I have had very little experience in the Music Symbol editor.

Try this (no guarantees given) -

Open the Music Symbols editor

Under “Flags” or “All categories”, find “Combining flag 2 (16th) above” and click on it

On the right side, click on SMuFL and then in Range, select Flags (U+E240-U+E25F)

Click on Unicode

The short flags are in the 4th row, after the TAB glyphs
(The normal-length flags are further down the Unicode table (about 2 dozen or so rows)

Select the one you want and click on Add Glyph

This should add it to the normal-length flag

Delete what you don’t want

OK and Save, etc.

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After looking around a bit more, there appears to be no codepoint in SMuFL for “Combining flag 2 (16th) below (short)”.
It might be possible to invert the glyph for “Combining flag 2 (16th) above (short)”, but I really do not know how.

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Thanks, that’s further than I got!

No, there’s no way to invert it, but maybe @dspreadbury can come to the rescue… :grimacing:

I tried using “Scale” to modify the normal flag, but the X scaling does not work and the Y scaling moves both the X and the Y!

Yes, there’s no way to stretch it, only scale proportionately, which isn’t a good solution here.

This isn’t the first time I’ve wished there were a few more tools for working with symbols. “Rotate” being chief among them.

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Dorico can’t use stylistic alternatives in third-party fonts by default. Note that Larger Noteheads** and Clef Change clefs are always Bravura.

I don’t think I created Short flags for Sebastian, so the one you see in the Editor will be from Bravura. And yes, to implement them, you’ll need to switch in the Bravura alternates to the regular characters.

** Except for MTF-Cadence, which somehow managed to get Larger Noteheads working.

Thanks. Even with Bravura, I still can’t get the short 16ths to sub though.

FWIW as soon as I saw your “mixed” screenshot at the top, I thought it looks quite nice and clear as is.

Thanks, I may indeed leave it alone. :sunglasses: