Global spacing of 2 dotted notes in 2 voices

Is there a way to program Dorico’s spacing according to ex. 2? in case of colliding dotted notes I always get at first a result like in ex. 1 (i.e. a too big shift!) right of the 2nd-voice-note) which I don’t like so that I am forced to adjust spacing and dot manually.
Punktierung Abstand 1
Punktierung Abstand 2

Engraving Options:

With the option Dan has mentioned the dots will also allign vertically.
To get exactlly what you have in your second picture set the “default gap between notes in different voices” to 0 (in Engraving options>Notes>Voices). In case you do not want this global change, just change the value individually on the “voice column spacing offset” in the properties panel (in Engrave mode)

Great, thank you very much!