Global stack management

Hi guys,

I create a new project and I want to create a Global stack.

So I go to the Stacks window. I can see a button “GLOBALS”.

I click on this button and it becomes highlighted.

So I click on the “+” button to create a Stack but VSTL does not create a Global Stack but a normal stack.

If I want to create a Global stack, I have to go to “Part” menu and click on “Create Global Part”.

As a new user, I would except to go to Stack menu to create Global Stack instead of finding the solution in Part menu.

Need to know, the global part gives the possibility to add GBL-Layers too. Therefore it wouldn’t be in the right place below STACK menu

… it’s a visibility control. It can show the global Part Layers, Stacks and Modules to your current local part view. But I agree : it can be confusing if you are expecting that a Global Part will be created.

We’ll disable the control. And it will be active, when a Global Part was created.

Thank you,

Also, the Global Part needs to be the active (selected) one in order to edit its assets (Layers, Stcks etc).

Micha points out that you can edit global Part assets when those are visible via said global button. What I meant to say is that you need to have the Global Part selected to create some in the first place.