Global tempo and time signature regions

Those who write music for cinema know what a pain is to insert a new music fragment in the middle of a big project. Or to modify tempo or time signature in existing fragment. You always have to think how to compensate this modification, so nothing after it is affected. And even if you think that you did everything right, you can find a long after that something has slipped, not in sync with video or even the tracks are not in sync with each other… And it’s a real pain to get everything right again.
My suggestion is to make a global project mode in which we could have independent tempo and time signature regions. Each region would have it’s own start time and length. Any tempo and time signature changes in a region would affect only events, that belong to that region. Each region should have it’s own bar count. The region could be moved but can’t be overlapped with another region. A region could have some pre-roll and post-roll zones - so the music could go smoothly from one region to another. In pre-roll we could only start audio events or have note-on midi events. In post-roll the audio events could be finished and note-off and zero controller values would only be allowed. The post-roll or pre-roll zones of a region CAN be overlapped with adjacent regions. That’s gonna be a tricky part, because two tempos will be overlapped. It would be tricky for cubase programmers, but for music writers making and editing two music overlapping segments would be a way easier this way.
Only tracks with linear timebase could have clips laying across several regions - those tracks wouldn’t be affected with any region manipulations. That could be global video and audio tracks for example.
I do understand that that’s a very global feature request, but that would save composers a lot of time and mental health)))
What you think?