Global Track only in Key Editor ?

So, wow, great new feature addition . . . global tracks now visible in the key editor, brilliant . . . but not added for drum editor ? c’mon, did they just run out of development money, or am I just the moron who doesn’t know where that button to turn it on is ?


Yes, the Global Tracks are in the Key Editor (own window) only.

Well then I just don’t get why they would take such a great idea only part of the way ? Hopefully it’s something that will come in a future version.

I feel the same about why they haven’t included some of the global tracks at least in the tempo window… markers and time signatures would be very useful there.


Myself, I expect, this might be quite simple task.

But this one, is totally different story, I would say. Drum Editor, same as Key Editor is MIDI Part based. But the Tempo Editor is track based. So I can imagine the implementation is totally different under the hood.