Global Track Workaround Send to Song Groups NOT WORKING

I’m completely exasperated at this point. I went through every song over a number of hours, sent the global stacks to virtual inputs on song stacks then routed the song stacks to song groups acting as effects channels. Did the same for guitars to have guitar effect channels if needed. YET AGAIN, THE SENDS ARE ACTIVE BUT RANDOMLY NOT SENDING AUDIO TO THE SONG GROUPS WHEN I SWITCH BETWEEN SONGS. When I redo the same send, the audio comes back. But then at some later point after switching between songs, it happens again at random. This is not a behavior that a V1 product, let alone a V2 product, should exhibit. I’ve spent literally dozens of hours at this point trying to find a way to reliably use global stacks for vocal channels and also send those vocal channels to song groups acting as effect returns. I have a decent sized outdoor show in 2 weeks and have no means to do what I need to do and no level of confidence that any fix will work. At least Steinberg has my $200.

Can you please write me down the routing you are using from global stack ongoing? Video too short and fast to undertand quickly.

That should be:

Global stack=》output to virtual out 1 (green channel)
Input virtual In 1 to every song stack. Then the song stack sould be output to the requesteg phisical out (green), and aux 1 send to song group FX (try each song group FX different name to see if that is another bug).

For me it works.

My routing is the same as you’ve stated. It works and passes signal when I set it up. It fails after I switch between songs.

I have used different names for the song group channels, but will try again with consistent naming. There is something going on where the routing is being changed, perhaps relating to the order of the tracks in the mixing window which appears to change from song to song.

I have made a workaround by eliminating the use of sends. It requires me to do effects for each stack specifically. I’m using the virtual loop back to send each global vocal channel to 2 song stacks - 1 for dry vocals and 1 for effects. Obviously that prevents me from sending multiple vocal feeds to the same effects chain (I have to duplicate the chain for multiple mics now). But at least it allows me to send the effected signal to my stereo effects out (and I can send each vocalist to the same stereo out for effects). Probably will work fine, but it would be nice if sends operated correctly. Something is happening with mixer ordering which randomly changes the sends and I can’t figure it out. Some songs the mixer is ordered one way and other songs it is ordered a different way even though the songs started as duplicates of one another and I haven’t changed the mixer ordering (at least intentionally).