Global Tracks in Lower Zone Key Editor

Global Tracks in the Key Editor is wonderful, but I’m not sure why it wasn’t included in the Lower Zone Key Editor. Please add this in Cubase 11.

Thank you.

Because you’re expected to use the ‘divide track list’ functionality in the arrange window.
The lower zone is already short on vertical space and I think it would be redundant to add these when you have the option of a divided tracklist anyway.

Not redundant. The new markers have the vertical line down the entire editor which does not show up in the Lower Zone. Also, if you have the horizontal zoom unlinked from the main Arrange window it makes it difficult to see where markers and other timeline items line up with the key editor. Besides, not everyone uses Cubase on a laptop with a small screen, so on large screens there is plenty of vertical space for a divided arrange window and the global tracks. Besides, why do oppose this when global tracks is an option?

Can we at least have the new marker vertical lines in the Lower Zone Key Editor?

I use the Key Editor window on a 2nd monitor as a “sketch window” and is not linked to region selection. I then do all other MIDI editing in the Lower Zone Key Editor. Many times it’s very difficult to know exactly where a marker point is at, so having Global tracks or the marker vertical lines in the Lower Zone would be very helpful.

Thank you.