Global tuning strange problem

Hello, from the last opening of Dorico I have a strange problem. The whole playback plays back between a half and s whole tone too low. The global tuning is still 440hz. This appears in all of my Dorico sessions. I restarted Dorico and my computer (MacBook Pro 2018 retina High Sierra) but without a change…
as anyone maybe an idea what the reason might be for this?

thanx a lot

Are you certain that the sampling rate of your sound card is correct? I’d try to toggle it from 44.1kHz to 48kHz and back to 44.1 (if that’s what you’re using).
Sample rate discrepancies (due to other software modifying it without letting Dorico know) is the main source of this kind of “unexpected transposition”.

Ah ok good idea… I started logic pro and Ableton… Maybe that caused this problem.
Have to look later when I am back how to adjust it
Thnak you

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I think the problem was a different sample rate from an XML file…but strange the it happened now, though I did the same procedure many times before…


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