Global Visibility Configuration Presets

I have no precise implementation, but there should be a way to save Visibility Configurations and then import them (or assign as default) for existing CPRs.

And NO I have zero interest in any PLE nonsense. I want this BUILT INTO Cubase.

Perhaps one method might be a RegEx type of deal. ie. All tracks with the word ‘Voice’ or ‘Drum’ or ‘Piano’ would be matched with the preset (as people now do with PLE.)

But the -real- meat of this request is that I want a Palette (like with the Colour Selector or Automation) so that you can just -grab- it conveniently. No futzing with menus into “Advanced Agents” and PLEs

I’d also like to see the same concept wrt colours. There should be more ways to make one’s workflow automatic. As you develop a colour scheme over months/years, you should be able to apply that to existing work.

My use case is perhaps different from others. I -frequently- go back to old work… sometimes done in SX3. It’s currently time-consuming to create a new version that uses my more recent workflow.

EDIT: The reason I want it BUILT IN, is because of the inherent clunkiness of the menu and key command system. As I’ve ranted about many times, there are no longer enough key commands. Frankly, it’s faster to have a Palette (ie. a floating Command Window) for tasks like this… as you have with the Colour Selector. It’s not just that it’s tedious to setting up all the macros and PLEs as one has to do now, it’s that it’s SLOW and annoying to have to use key commands and drilling down into the Menus (which aren’t even on MixConsole.)