global way of changing tempo text?

Is there a way to globally and then save as default the way tempo text is capitalized? I am custom to have some words all in lower case and so does the publisher I am doing work for already for many years. For example a tempo instead of A tempo. I know I can easily adjust this, but if there is a way to set this in stone for Dorico on my computer, that would again save some minutes a day :wink:

This is how my publisher likes it:

According to Elaine Glould:
“New (established) tempi have initial capitals; temporary indications (allargando, accel., rall., etc.) do not.”
That is also what I learned and what I use to do. Perhaps Dorico could have a mechanism (option), where tempi with a new metronome marking are written with an initial capital by default and markings without a metronome marking (or the same metronome marking) with lower case on the first letter.

Yes, I agree that we should provide some further options for this, and hopefully we’ll be able to do so in future.