Globally disable ‘background audio’

Can someone please tell me how to permanently disable the background audio capability. Although I turn it off in the audio settings, every time I load a new project it turns back on and needlessly drains my battery.

Hi Don,

Regular Cubasis projects do not result in heavy battery usage if playback is not running and Cubasis is in the background (with the “Background Audio” setup option enabled).

However, keeping Inter-App Audio and/or Audio Unit connections active, can lead to battery drain.
In this case, we recommend to shut down Cubasis alongside active IAA apps.

Regarding your initial question, the background audio setting should be correctly remembered:

  • Please de-activate “Background Audio” in Setup/Audio
  • Load “Create New Project” template
  • Double check the settings

Hope that helps


Thanks Lars. I’ll try that with my next new project and report back. It won’t help though with my existing projects. Could the default setting for ‘background audio’ more logically be set to ‘off’ in the next update?