Globally remove slash region (count)

Is there a global preference in Dorico where I can hide the bar count text displayed under a slash region. i.e “(4)” under every four bars. I know how to individually hide these count numbers on a per region basis, but I’m having trouble finding a global option. Thanks.

“You can also change the default appearance of all slash region counts project-wide in the Rhythmic slashes section of the Notes page in Engrave > Engraving Options.”

I never thought to look in the ‘notes’ category for slash preferences. (Bar count ‘Never show’) is exactly the global preference I was looking for. Thank a million.

Is there a way to set the bar counter of slash regions instrument specific? For regions with chords I normally don’t want the counter but for drums it’s mostly good to have.

You can hide or show locally from the Properties panel.

Yepp, thanks, I know. But it would be a nice option to switch it on for drums and off for chord tracks. Probably the most standard real life scenario. At least in my life :slight_smile:

I cannot find the ‘never show’ option, neither in engraving option nor in the properties panel.

It’s at the bottom of your screenshot? Appearance of slash region bar count: set to Do not show?

Ok - I would have never thought to look for it there (making it disappear under a parameter called appearance is a bit counterintuitive, no? But thank you.