Globally Turn off interpretation of Dynamic Markings

Anyone know how to globally turn off the interpretation of dynamic markings? In other words, I want P, MF, F, etc in the score, but I want Dorico to play them back as though they do not exist.


Easy : set Dynamic Curve Intensity to 0 in Play mode / Play options / Dynamic

Thanks. That does sound easy. I looked at that thing but didn’t know what to do with it.

Welcome to the forum, isymphony. If you want to disable the playback of individual items, you can use the ‘Suppress playback’ property in the Common group of the Properties panel.

Daniel hello,
May I suggest something about the Suppressed items /notes, dynamics, articulations, expressions/? :slight_smile:
Would be nice if the Suppressed items look a little bit more lighter, or greyed than the active ones, but without affecting the print output. :slight_smile:
Currently we don’t have any visible indication for Suppressed Playback.

I hope you and the team would think about it! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Yes, Thuriasz, this has been suggested before and is something we may well do in a future version.