Globalstack Midi-Input

Is there a way to change Presets (Effekts Stack Inserts and Sends) with a Midi-Track - played in VST Live?

… we are working on that topic,

Right, it’s in the making.
However, you can already address Quick Controls of Layers and Stacks by sending MIDI to Actions and Shortcuts (for instance, take Virtual Midi 1 as input to the action, and Virtual Midi Out 1 as output of the track). Virtual Midi 1 and 2 are actually “cables”: what you send to out appears at in, which allows for stuff like that.

At the moment, this seems not to work with global stacks, just with “normal” stacks.

Works fine here. There is a dedicated “Actions and Shortcuts” Category “GlobalStack”, did you realize this? Set this to Qucick Control Insert 1, cc#16, input VM1. Track out to VM1 and cc#16, works like a charm.

my mistake, I actually missed this category.
Another question: is there a way to control the insert bypass via midi (quick controls)?

Not directly. Some plugins support a “Bypass” parameter that could be controlled with Actions.