Glue all MIDI parts when selecting MIDI data from multiple track parts

Changing this from a question to a feature request. It would be great if when gluing, all notes across layers will get glued and not just the selected layers.

Here’s an illustration of what I mean (ignore the “Cubase 12 and earlier”)


When did it work the way you described? I have tested in Cubase 12 and it works exactly the same way as it works in Cubase 13. Only the clicked Notes become glued.

I don’t have Cubase 12 installed anymore, but I could have sworn it has always worked this way since I’ve been using Cubase, version 5. I don’t recall having to go through layer by layer and gluing each layer individually.

I used this as part of my workflow as it not functioning this way feels very unusual to me, unless I’m losing my mind…

Edit: it appears you are right with Cubase 12. I’ll see if I can install an older version when I get a chance and try it out to confirm… maybe I am going crazy lol.

If this is the case, then perhaps we can call this a feature request?

… so tag you thread accordingly?

I wanted to confirm this was indeed not working prior but yeah, sure I’ll update the tags and OP.