glue audio : not in a container


glue tool is good for midi… i don’t like it for audio. the part editor container is a bit useless to me. i use it to glue audio i want to mesure in length and i don’t want to move my locator range. that’s all.

and functions are missing please tell me here if you know how to do them and if i missed something :
sometime i have audio that has been accidently “cut” right now i have a session where a “cut” was done and aaaaaall audio tracks have a cut at same TC. i want to “glue” them as they are same material. i couls just remove the right (or left) part and extend the other part to it’s maximum lenght. but then i loose fade data at the end and… it’s long to do.
if i could use the glue here so that nuendo understand i want this audio to be uncut ! (because that’s how the original file is)

do you have a trick to do that ?

I also wish that for both midi and audio there was a key command for glueing…seems weird there isn’t.

It seems as if you’re describing an error where you had an audio file on the timeline (event is what it’s called I suppose) and it was cut by mistake. The way to fix it is of course to undo what you did. If that doesn’t work, maybe because your undo-“chain” is too long and will undo other things, then I think the only reasonable alternative is to bounce the events (“consolidate” in PT language).

By “bouncing” you get a new consolidated single audio file of the desired selected events. Of course this increases how much storage you use, but I don’t see another way of getting it done really.

Mattias yes it’s exactly that. I think the software should understand where a cut is “logical” and alow a simple paste to recover the original file without having to bounce or extend margins of one of the cuted files… Seems pretty simple :roll_eyes:
Of course if one of the truncated region has been midified it’s different. But what i’m talking about is a basic cut in the file that you want to remove and it is not in the undo list anymore, or undo order (maybe yoy did impirtant things after it)

Just bounce it. Takes one second to do.

… but that would create an extra audio file in the folder right ?
audio A is splited in to creating virtual audio A(1) audio A(2)
now if i bounce these 2 virtual regions i create audio A-01 …

Or resize the event, the whole audio file is in it.

thx steve. that’s what i do because no better solution.
so when you have fade at the end not only you resize region but you redoo fade.
wich is even longer when this happen on multiple tracks with regions different size

I suppose you’re right; you’d have one more audio file at that point.

I suppose the command you’d be looking for would need to compare the two events and verify that the samples are lined up, or alternatively check the undo queue to find the action, and then remove the cut and “heal” the event.

I’ve had this happen and I understand your point so;