Glue audio snippets together?

While glueing MIDI snippits together works fine, is it possible to glue snippets of audio together? At present (Cubasis 3.01) it does not seem possible. Are there any work arounds?

I’m thinking they don’t enable this to preserve the integrity of the original recordings. If they allowed gluing audio, they would have to add some warning dialogs like “this sample is used in multiple places in this project, gluing may mess things up” :slight_smile: I’ll admit there have been cases where I wanted to do that though.

I’m guessing the only workaround for now is: solo that audio track, place markers on either side of the to-be-glued section, disable effects for that track, mix down between locators, removing or muting the originals, reenabling the effects, and inserting the mixdown clip in the same track. A bit of work, but I think that’s the only way for now.

Hi RayDeeyay,

As Pitchy already mentioned, please use TrackFreeze to glue audio files.


I hadn’t thought of freezing (because I never use it). Not sure exactly how that workflow would look. Doesn’t freezing a track include effects in the audio file?

What I was describing was a way to make a glued audio file without any effects applied so you can keep using it in the same track like the original parts.

Yes, for me at least, track freezing is good enough, thanks.

Glad to read this, thanks for the update, RayDeeyay!