Glue command please

I wish there was a key command for this. It would take a step out of it for all of us.

It’s called “events to part”. Wish they would have simply named the command “glue selected events”. I had to Google to figure it out, haha

“Events to part” is for audio chunks. I meant for connecting continuous midi notes together inside the midi editor or combining midi events in the project window together into a single midi note (midi editor piano roll) or midi event (project window).

So you know about the Num 4 Key (Glue Tool) and then left click anywhere on the notes/parts you want glued?. With the Glue Tool you can also left click and drag to select all the notes/parts you want glued.

yeah, I just want to select the events in the project window or notes in the piano roll and hit the keystroke and not have to click afterward. After you click you have to hit another keystroke to get back to the regular cursor. So sad for me that I have to add three steps to perform this (sarcasm) but wouldn’t it be easier if the program did it?

Editing midi is or can be either fun or tedious. Cubase is fun (and more fun than most other programs) sometimes and tedious other times. Fast is more fun/inspiring.

The Bounce MIDI function in the MIDI menu already does this in the Project work area. Gluing individual midi notes together is a different thing, and shouldn’t be lumped together with the former.

do you mean like bounce midi? if so, search that in key commands and add the wished key for make the task… in my case I have set: Ctrl + Alt + G for that

I suspect “Bounce Midi” was meant for use after editing takes/parts in the tracks lanes.

I do use a bounce midi key command for a single track substitute for the glue tool key command.

“Bounce Midi” does not work on more than one track at a time the way the Glue tool does. I would prefer just combining everything that is selected with it’s selected consecutive events in the project window. the same would also function the way the glue tool does in the piano roll midi editor. For example, 3 consecutive C3 notes inside a selection or 3 consecutive C major chords (with the same voicings) inside the selection.

I just want to execute the glue function as is with a keystroke instead of keystroke+click+keystroke. The last keystroke to return to the cursor.

Now that’s clear. Personally I agree, now that I see what you mean– it would save two moves.


+1 for a command please. Digital Performer calls is “Heal.” Commands are always better/faster than mousing.

bringing this from the Cubase 9 forum:

I want to select notes in the Key Editor and NOT have to switch tools and use the mouse; simply want to have an assignable command to execute “Glue” for selected notes.





it’s not there??? lol (new to Cubase)

I’ll glue my contribution to this request ^^