Glue command please

do you mean like bounce midi? if so, search that in key commands and add the wished key for make the task… in my case I have set: Ctrl + Alt + G for that

I suspect “Bounce Midi” was meant for use after editing takes/parts in the tracks lanes.

I do use a bounce midi key command for a single track substitute for the glue tool key command.

“Bounce Midi” does not work on more than one track at a time the way the Glue tool does. I would prefer just combining everything that is selected with it’s selected consecutive events in the project window. the same would also function the way the glue tool does in the piano roll midi editor. For example, 3 consecutive C3 notes inside a selection or 3 consecutive C major chords (with the same voicings) inside the selection.

I just want to execute the glue function as is with a keystroke instead of keystroke+click+keystroke. The last keystroke to return to the cursor.

Now that’s clear. Personally I agree, now that I see what you mean– it would save two moves.


+1 for a command please. Digital Performer calls is “Heal.” Commands are always better/faster than mousing.

bringing this from the Cubase 9 forum:

I want to select notes in the Key Editor and NOT have to switch tools and use the mouse; simply want to have an assignable command to execute “Glue” for selected notes.





it’s not there??? lol (new to Cubase)

I’ll glue my contribution to this request ^^




It’s impractical when your right hand is flat out clicking and dragging an clicking and your left hand is doing nothing to help.


For those so inclined, an alternative to waiting for this to be (if) implemented is to use an Autohotkey script. A nice thing about this is you can still use the alt key modifier to glue all following notes of the same pitch.

Here’s the script:

;============ Glue tool while key held down =============
; A script for Cubendo that switches to the Glue tool while the shortcut key is held down, and switches back to the select tool upon release of the key. 

$v:: ; Keystroke to invoke function. The $ symbol stops the key from being sent to Cubase
ControlGetFocus, OutputVar, A 
if ErrorLevel ; assures that command won't run if a text input field is active
Send, 4 ; activates tool via your assigned keystroke, edit this.
KeyWait, v  ; wait for the key to be released
Send, 0 ; switch to select tool
Send, v ; types the letter v into the text input field if one is active
return ; ends routine

people… the solution is simple:
assign a key for “GLUE” command.


Thanks for the script! I didn’t test it because I work on a MAC, but the Idea is very good. It would be nice though if we could use the Cubase Preferences (Tools Modifiers) to make such a setting.

Was not there before 10.5