Glue isn't working like it normally has

What am I doing wrong here…trying to glue two Midi events together. Before, I would just click with the glue tool and it would join them together. Now it’s not doing that. It’s like creating a new blank event or something.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Not sure that would help…maybe I can figure out how to do a little video

That would be even better.

Here’s a capture of it. It’s the midi part at top. For some reason the video thing I used doesn’t show the tool - just the cursor…but I see the Glue tool with a little wavy line beside it…

I’m sorry, the link doesn’t work.

Hmm. Working for me.

Nor me1


OK - try this…


I’m sorry, I can’t see using of the Glue tool in the video. I can see just the Split tool.

I’m a complete moron. I was using the “draw” icon. I swear that’s what the glue thingy looked like in 9.5. Color me embarrassed. BTW - Is there a preference to turn on where it gives descriptions when you hover? I’m not getting that and some of the icons have changed in the transport…would be nice to be able to see what they were when hovering.

Preferences/General Show tips box, check it

Whats up John K??

I have to agree. I don’t understand the new tools icons neither.