Glue Next MIDI Part

Often times I select an MIDI event in Project View and open the Key Editor in its own window, edit the MIDI but then would like continue editing into the next MIDI Part. Which means I need to close the Key Editor, select both parts in Project View, open the Key Editor and commence editing.

I would like a function called Glue Next MIDI Part that enables us to simply do all the above without leaving the Key Editor.

There is a tool called glue which does exaclty that… :wink:
You also could use the in place editor which allows you to edit single midi notes in different parts that are not one!

Sorry, but at my end Glue doesn’t do this at all. Maybe my Glue is broken. But if I am in the Key Editor and have nothing selected aka the MIDI Part is the only thing selected, if I hit Glue nothing happens.
I should have noticed if this function existed by now as I hit Glue 100 times a day.

Maybe you could do me a gif demonstrating this in action.

Sorry - I think that was a missunderstanding: I thought you want to work on different midi parts at the same time without openning and closing the key editor. So I would suggest in your project window you glue all the different midi parts together so it becomes one event.
Or you select as many parts as you want and open them with the key editor so you can switch between them without having to close and reopen it. Or you use the in place editor!
Was that better to understand?

For this kind of workflow, Cubase already provides some methods, mainly by using the multiple part controls.


Semantically, I would not want a command called Glue (or any command) that operates on something not currently visible on the screen.

I think a feature request such as this should be part of the requests either for the Visibility pane being implemented in the Windowed midi editor, or as an enhancement to the Multiple Part Controls menu.

I use folders so I am opening multiple MIDI Parts in the Key Editor but I like to keep MIDI Parts relatively short so when I open the Key Editor I don’t need to scroll around or zoom in.
This feature would enhance my personal workflow as I work a lot with overlapping notes and a lot of controller data.

This sounds like you found a workflow to work around problems of what is displayed in the key editor when it’s opened, and now you need a feature to enhance the workaround. I would prefer holistic improvements rather than piecemeal feature additions.

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Hey, 30 years into Cubase’s evolution and it’s all going to be piecemeal from hear mate.
Why do you think that a major release like Cubase 11 nets us supervision and some export features??Woo Hoo!