Glue stickiness

Probably just my chaotic work style, but “glue” has caused me some issues:

Start with a long continuous audio track.
Manually Slice n Dice some short segments for minor timing issues.
Mute “X” some of these short segments.
Copy 1 segment and simply overlay it on several other places in the main part.

Now I decide it all plays back perfectly.

But lets say I need to move the the second half of the whole thing it back a notch.
So I highlight all those segments and use the glue tool to make it one whole part to ensure it stays together during the move.

but when I playback the glued part, its hosed. parts that were audible aren’t anymore and vice versa.
And It doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get at the muted segments to unmute them.

Where am I going wrong?

Did you Convert To Real Copy the copied events? Events to Part might be a better option than Glue.