Glue Tool Behaviour


somewhere between Cubase 5 and 6 the behaviour of the glue tool has changed for the bad.

Originally it behaved like this: If you glued two or more audio parts with gaps in-between in Cubase 5, it used to “undelete” the silence between the parts.
In Cubase 6 though, it will create an audio-part with two audio events in it, but keeping the gap.

Does anybody know of a way how to retrieve the old behaviour? This feature is driving me crazy…

There is a similar thread in the nuendo forum which is as yet unanswered.

regards, robert

I disagree that this is bad. If I create two audio events and adjust the boundaries to omit the stuff I don’t want to hear, I would NOT want it to open up those boundaries when I glue the events into a single part. You need to first edit the individual boundaries of the events to what you want to hear and then glue them together. Also, consider you have stuff and the end of the first event that you have excluded as well as stuff at the beginning of the second event that you have excluded, when you glue them together, what is Cubase to do? Include both? The first event or the second event? I think the right answer is… Don’t mess with my audio events at all, just put them into a single part so I can treat them as a single entity.
Just my opinion, of course.

And I have to disagree with Jaslan, the glue tool of the “old days” was tremendously useful in many situations. For example if I cut all the bleed out of a snare track only to find out later that the transitions were too audible it was a breeze to fix them back together, now I have to close gaps and manually remove fades before doing the same thing. If I wanted to make an audio part of two our more events I used the audio-> to part function, which the glue tool basically now has become a double of regarding audio.
Maybe a glue tool with a toggle between the two behaviors would be a good compromise but please bring back the old glue tool!

Good point. :slight_smile: