Glue tool behaviour

Hello guys, i have a strange problem with the glue tool,

sometimes when i use it on 2 clips, the hidden notes that are outside one of the clip appears in the second one !
But sometimes not, only the note (which is the normal behaviour i think)…

is this normal ? maybe i hit some key that change this behaviour not intentionally ?

thanks for any advices !!



If the hidden Note is on the right side of the left Glued event, then the Note become visible. If the hidden Note is in the left side of the right glued event, it will become visible too. So if the hidden is inbetween the glued events.

Not if the hidden Note is out of the new glued event - then it doesn’t become visible.

Ohhh ok ! thanks very much for the answer, not very sure why it’s this way but i’ll get use to it…
thanks again